Alaska the Beautiful

Alaska is huge!  I have just returned from my week off spent visiting a great friend in Seward, AK. Had a great time, took a bunch of pictures and did a lot of hiking.  

One of the highlights of my trip was taking an airplane ride around Seward.  Got a bunch of great images from the flight.  We took off and went out Resurrection Bay and then flew over the Harding Ice Field, and Exit Glacier.  Looking at all the mountains from the ground, or just driving around gives you a sense that Alaska is big and bountiful.  The view from the air continues as far as the eye can see.  I highly suggest you head down to the Seward airport and look for Andy and his business, Raven Aviation.  

The image at the top is taken from Mt. Marathon.  Every 4th of July the Mt Marathon Race is run.  It starts in town, goes to the top (3022ft), and back down.  The record time currently stands at 43min 23sec.  This picture was taken from around the 1000ft level.  I have made it to the top before, but not this trip.

While in Alaska, I did see one bear.  It was a black bear that poked its head out over a guardrail on the highway.  The bear quickly retreated into the forest, so no bear shots this trip. I did however get a shot of this Moose in a marshy pond.  I also captured a few shots of this sea otter cracking shells on his chest.

Attached here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.  While there, I did shoot a lot of film as well, most especially from my Fuji 617 Panoramic camera.  Once all gets developed, I will post a few of those shots as well.

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