Matt & Honey

Congratulations to Matt & Honey, married 5/16/09. This was the nicest couple of people who were truly in love. They come to us from North Carolina, which explains why they chose the white and baby blue for their attire.

The wedding ceremony was held Saturday night on Makapu Beach in Wailea and performed by Rev Al Terry. Monday morning we shot the 2nd session at Cove Beach. Lately the 2nd session has been very successful. I like to shoot all the wonderful colors of the sunset hour shortly after the ceremony and then come back during the morning to get some more relaxed, romantic shots.

The 2nd session also allows couples to let there hair down as you can see Honey did here. Usually there is a dinner or party after the ceremony so people are less likely to want to take advantage of the ocean and get wet. I have found that providing that opportunity at a later time is appealing to couples and works really well. As always its a personal choice how involved people want to get with the water. Matt and Honey had every intention to splash around a bit and we did get some really great images of them enjoying Maui to the fullest.

Thanks and congratulations to Matt & Honey. Best wishes.

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