Dancing with the Stars

Friday evening I had the great opportunity to shoot Dave & Kristina.  First, congratulations are due to this wonderful couple.  Dave asked Kristina to marry him during this trip, and she said "YES!"  Best wishes to the happy couple.  You can see their connection in these images.  

It was an extra pleasure working with an individual who was used to the fan fare of onlookers (just me and my camera).  Kristina is a Ballroom Dancer by trade.  She was very graceful and moved rather fluidly.  As well, she knew just how to bend Dave into the pose.  I got this great shot of Kristina adjusting Dave's posture for a shot of them in a dance pose.  

You will probably notice the Cook Pines again.  I like the depth and the color of this area.  The wind comes through pretty good up here, causing the tall grass to blur in the background.

We had a great evening to shoot and between the sunset and the ocean, were provided this dramatic setting .  Have a look at the top image.  This shot captures the couple in a passionate embrace, in a very comforting space, amongst some of natures most powerful forces.  The ocean provided a perfect wave for the shot.  

I backed away from the couple to give them some room and came up with this great wide shot. All evening, we had great surf as a backdrop.  I also like the heaviness of the clouds above paired with the lava rock.  I am going to make a mental note and use this spot again when we have high surf here on the island.  

Dave & Kristina were such a pleasure to work with.  I wish them all the best and a great future together. 

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